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Brainwash? Journalism in crisis (2’ 26”) [John Nichols, 2007]
Brainwash? is the political documentary of the 2004 Presidential Election. In a 32 days road trip, 20 States visited and more that 12 000 miles on the counter, we've met John Nichols, a journalist, media experts, book author, columnist at The Nation. He set the tone of BRAINWASH?, gave us reason to blame the media in this big mess that is the war in Irak. Joe, our researcher, found Nichols and put him on our list of progressive journalists that we had to see and hear. Part of the Media Reform movement in the US, John Nichols is key thinker in taking care of the democracy in keeping the press free of any extreme influence. BRAINWASH? a must see. Buy the DVD at www.brainwashthemovie.com