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The Future of Innovation Journalism [Innovation Journalism | D. Nordfors] 01h. 56' 25"
David Nordfors, Innovation Journalism Vol.2 No.12, Oct 31 2005. Recorded 27 July 05) A roundtable discussion about the future of journalism with the "father of the Internet" Vint Cerf (Google /ICANN), Whitfield Diffie (Sun Microsystems), journalists and experts. Producer and moderator: David Nordfors (Stanford / VINNOVA) It's innovation time for journalism! Traditional news media are being challenged by innovative sources of news on the Internet, such as blogospheres, or citizen journalism. Traditional journalism struggles when covering innovation as a topic. While innovation pivots society it is not a key news word. Traditional news beats, such as technology, business or politics - chop up innovation processes to fit their news slots, missing the bigger picture. How can journalism report on innovation, following the cross-boundary interactions driving today's society? Who can do it?