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How Democrats & Progressives Can Win: George Lakoff (05' 15") [MagnoliaZoom | USA]
HOW DEMOCRATS & PROGRESSIVES CAN WIN: Solutions from George Lakoff DVD is a tool for political change. George Lakoff is the author of the bestseller, DON'T THINK OF AN ELEPHANT: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate. This 25 minute DVD outlines Lakoff's key ideas and reveals what the mainstream media doesn't provide in understanding modern politics. Featuring a lively interview with Professor Lakoff, TV news clip, illustrative graphics, this is a media tool to assist people working for political change. This focused, concise program will help improve communication skills of those working for change. Each DVD includes a wallet-size summary card of key points. The program covers 'How the conservatives gained power', 'How Democrats can influence swing voters', 'How to debate a conservative', 'What is framing?' 'What are values and why are they crucial for voters to understand', 'What are the progressive values' and much more. Organizations such as Democracy for America, Sierra Club, National Resource Defense Council, Mother Jones, The Nation, Latinos for Democracy, Tennessee Alliance for Progress, New Jersey for Democracy, have all made use of this DVD. www.winwithlanguage.com