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What is multiple intelligence theory? (02' 18") [Mslawdotedu]
What is the M.I. theory? Howard Gardner, author of Five Minds for the Future, discussed his multiple intelligence theory on the television show Books of Our Time with host Lawrence R. Velvel (visit Velvel's blog at www.velvelonnationalaffairs.com), Dean of the Massachusetts School of Law. Gardner discusses his belief that one's intelligence cannot be categorized as simply smart, average, or dumb. He suggests that such terms are far too generic as each individual is the combination of what he calls multiple intelligences (M.I.). He suggests that each skill that one is good or bad at, whether chess or academic pursuits, is a separate intelligence and should be observed as such. Gardner's theory revolutionizes the human perception of intelligence. Watch the whole interview at:http://tinyurl.com/383t9m.