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Do today's youth have a code of ethics? (02' 17") [Mslawdotedu]
Are today's youth unethical? Howard Gardner, author of Five Minds for the Future, sat down for an interview on the television show Books of Our Time with host Lawrence R. Velvel the Dean of the Massachusetts School of Law to discuss the ethical decision making of our society's younger members. Howard Gardner states that youth today have perceived that ethical issues are to influence behavior later in life and not in the present. They see ethics as standards that are required when they begin to make money and have professions. Thus, the youth have become content with the idea of cutting corners and thus often justify leaving ethical behavior out of their lives. Howard Gardner believes that today's youth live in the present and do not look to the consequences of their unethical behavior on the future: 'get it when you can and sweep the problems under the rug'. Watch the whole interview at: http://tinyurl.com/2a4odl.