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The media reality Anemone Tube (03' 51") [Tefxxx, NL]
When everything turns into more endangerment (through the massmedia), somehow nothing is dangerous anymore '(Ulrich Beck, 'The risk society', 1986, concerning the paradoxical inflation of 'feeled risks' leading to more indifference). 'We all confront a global media condition. As soon as we deal with the media, we encounter an uncontrollable threat that influences our emotions and behaviour. We cannot deny that our daily confrontion with violence through the socalled information media -- the term is an oxymoron itself -- unintentionally changes our perception towards violence. But we also cannot exclude ourselves from it, even if we live in the countryside. The media reality is not an option to choose or not as we, who dwell in the western democratic society, are in fact all pushed in and inescapably a part of it. The confrontation of territorial delimitation and maximum availability with locality and nationalisms will certainly affect our immediate future. The question is whether we will realise our human freedom, or everything will turn to routine and empty gesture.'