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John Perry Barlow - European Graduate School - 2006. Parte 5/8 (9' 48") [EGS video] [P1] [P2] [P3] [P4] [P6] [P7] [P8]
John Perry Barlow speaking about the Independence Declaration of Cyberspace, founding the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF with John Gilmore and Mitch Kapor. John Perry Barlow discussing surveillance and censorship, and talking about hackers, hacking, privacy, Grateful Dead, piracy, civil liberties, law, police, FBI, Unites States Secret Service, freedom of information, code, programs, open source, digital rights. John Perry Barlow is an American poet, essayist, retired Wyoming cattle rancher, political activist and former lyricist for the Grateful Dead. Public open lecture with students of the European Graduate School EGS, Media and Communication Studies department program, Saas-Fee, Switzerland, Europe, 2006.